Coming - H1 2019

The atlantis SECRET

It is 323 B.C.

Captain Deon agrees to steal some documents with the hopes of getting rich quickly and repay his lender—a vicious man who holds Deon’s family hostage and threatens to sell them to the dark Ethiopian mines from where the wretched never return.

But the gods have no intention of granting an easy reward for a brazen thievery—for the documents, now under guard in the funerary procession of none other than Alexander The Great, are not what he was told they were.

Plunged into a world of deception and caught between the bloodthirsty ambition of greater men, Deon must battle ruthless adversaries, resist his temptations, and decode an ancient secret with the power to change the fate of a restless empire. And what he finds is about to force him to a choice no mortal must make: If he saves his family, it will be at the risk of costing untold millions their lives.

With its break-neck pace, vivid battles, intrigue and mystery, this thriller paints a colorful picture of a violent ancient world and takes you along an exciting adventure