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Save two. Let a million die.

323 B.C.

King Alexander the Great has died without a clear successor and the citizens of a vast empire wait nervously for what comes next. But Captain Deon has other worries—his family will be sold to slavery if he does not clear his debt soon. Desperate, he accepts a mission from Alexander’s wily Royal Secretary in return for a generous reward.

All he has to do is steal a Papyrus from the king's funeral procession.

A Papyrus with a stunning secret that can transform the balance of powers that fight for Alexander’s throne.

Plunged into the heart of succession wars and thrust between bloody ambitions of greater men, Deon is forced to embark on a dangerous journey and battle those he fears, to decode the ancient clues before time runs out for his family.

But the more he learns, the more he realizes that his decisions will decide the life and death of not only his loved ones but also that of millions of innocents.

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This is a companion to "The Atlantis Papyrus." If you are curious about some of the key events in the novel, then this short three-thousand word ebook is for you.

Please do not read this companion if you have not yet read the original novel, The Atlantis Papyrus, as this companion may have spoilers! 

This companion is available for free if you subscribe to the author's mailing list. Don’t care for another email? You can get it from Amazon for cheap.