It is 323 B.C.

King Alexander The Great is dead, and his generals threaten to plunge the empire in bloody wars of succession. But Captain Deon has other worries: his wife and daughter are held hostage by a lender who threatens to sell them to the mines if the debts are not repaid.

Deon embraces wily Royal Secretary Eumenes’ plan—steal a supposedly unrevealed Will from Alexander’s funerary procession and be rewarded with a debt free life in villas and orchards. The documents, Eumenes says, will settle the question of succession and bring peace to a restless world.

Deon’s incursion to the King’s sarcophagus chamber under risk of crucifixion yields what he seeks; but it is not what he was told it is, and the reason for the dangerous mission appears to be a brazen lie.

Plunged into a world of deception and caught between the bloodthirsty ambition of greater men, Deon must navigate treacherous alliances, battle leaders he once admired, and decode an ancient secret with the power to bequeath its finder the keys to Alexander’s throne, before time runs out for his family. But his journey is about to force him to confront his greatest fear: To save the two he loves could mean condemning a million innocents to death.

With its break-neck pace, intrigue, and mystery, this thriller paints a violent ancient world and takes you along an exciting adventure

Coming, March 2019.

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