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The second atlantis

Scorchingly paced, well researched, and thrilling. Drags you into a violent and tumultuous ancient world, and takes you breathlessly through battles, intrigue, and something we all love—solving a fantastic secret!
— Early Reviewer
The Second Atlantis

323 BC. Alexander The Great has died unexpectedly and a tense world is uncertain of what comes next. When Eumenes, Alexander's Royal Secretary, gives Captain Deon a chance to go on a dangerous mission in return for a hundred years of salary, the captain grabs the opportunity. Deon is desperate to settle his debts or his family will be sold to slavery. The mission? Steal a supposedly unrevealed will from Alexander's funerary procession.

Deon soon realizes that not all is as it seems. The papers speak of a city carved inside a desert mountain by a long destroyed empire once thought to be a myth, and it is clear that whoever finds it wields the power to succeed Alexander's throne. Ambitious generals eye the vast empire and the swords are out for Eumenes who issues an ultimatum to Deon; find the city, or Deon's family dies.

As continents erupt in war, Deon must battle his powerful pursuers, navigate treacherous alliances, and unlock clues to find an astonishing secret hidden for a millennia. And the more he learns of the terrible powers of The Second Atlantis, the more he realizes that he must confront the question--should he save his family if it means costing untold millions their lives?


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