Designing book covers is always fun. It’s a real time sucker but I enjoy the process very much. On this page you can see how the cover evolved for The Atlantis Papyrus, starting with early concepts and names! I was very proud of my very first version, by the way, except until it got pounded by reviewers. The last image is the version I went with. I wanted my cover to scream “historical” with an element of thriller, and people who looked at my most recent feel that it conveys the theme. I am no designer or artist, so I think I will take those little victories as they come.

You can also see how the name changed. The first name—well many felt that they had no idea who Callisthenes was. Atlantis has a better ring to it and is related to the book.

I designed my covers using Affinity Designer, with artwork from a multitude of sources including purchases from