Discipline eats Inspiration for Breakfast

I think discipline > inspiration.

Are you the type that struggles to write because you don't think you're getting the inspiration, or the type that waits for the right moment to write? I thought I could illustrate the power of discipline over waiting for inspiration to write, with a simple graphic.

Discipline beats Inspiration for Writing
  • In this sample graphic, over the shown period of time, someone with writing discipline would make more than twice the progress compared to someone "waiting for the right moment or inspiration" even if the inspirational spikes/best moments are taller

  • With discipline, you iterate faster, learn and refine quicker, and over time you become a stronger writer. Long periods between writing causes you to relearn concepts whereas consistent, disciplined writing builds continuously

  • The impact of productivity magnifies over a longer period because each work that you produce stands on the shoulder of the previous, and has the power of pull-through

  • My preference for discipline is based on my journey with my first book - I posted a reddit thread on how I went from 0 to 100K words to 100 sales. My second work is coming up about 4X times faster than the first because I've figured out discipline.

  • How do I use inspirational times? I actually use those moments jot down ideas and concepts (apart from writing if there's enough time) that I then flesh out during my disciplined writing periods. My big takeaway is that you can use inspiration to develop ideas and discipline to write

  • If you're the type that's always inspired or a full-time writer, I got nothing to say except to say I wish I could be that way! I think most of us struggle time to time.

  • Yes, there can be exceptions, the math can work out differently if your disciplined words/day are far less than your big inspirational spikes and so on, but those are not the norm