Tentative name and idea for the third novel in the Blades of Iron and Obsidian series

Wrath of God is now at 90%+ complete as it hurtles to a climax. Over the next couple of months it will be about polishing the draft, ridding it of logical inconsistencies, getting some to beta read (if you want to be an early reviewer please get in touch with me), and then getting it ready for release.

But as that book gets to speed, it is time to start thinking of book 3 in the series—and I’m happy to announce that I have an idea, and the book is tentatively called

The Secret in the Sand

This book will feature some key characters from The Atlantis Papyrus (no spoilers) and I hope to bring back elements that readers of the first book are appreciating—the pace, quality of research, thrills, and a good climax.

But by design, each book in Blades of Iron and Obsidian series is written to work independent of each other - i.e. one can enjoy any book without needing to read the other. However, it is recommended that they are read is series because of the threads that connect one to the other and it may enhance the reading experience.