Magnificent Hawaii — My Top 5 Travel Experiences in Kauai and Big Island

What's with the travel post in a writer's blog you might ask, but travel feeds the soul of writing. New vistas and experiences fuel new ideas and visuals.

Ok, that's enough about philosophizing.

Went to Hawaii—Kauai and Big Island specifically—and was blown away by how beautiful this incredible chain of islands is. I was also fascinated by two tidbits

  1. It was first inhabited by people from the Polynesian islands, nearly 1500 years ago. These incredible sailors braved 2000 miles of the vast Pacific, with practically no technology, and survived the journey.

  2. The Mauna Kea, when measured from its base in the deep Pacific, to its summit, is much taller than Mt. Everest

Here are my “top 5” trip experiences that I loved the most.

Na Pali coast via a high speed raft (Kauai)

Through Blue Ocean Adventures. About 4 hours with views of the incredible Na Pali coast (featured in many movies including the Jurassic Park) and in-and-out of sea caves.

Na Pali Coast Vistas from Boat


Stunning views of the sea, cliffs, canyons, waterfalls, and green forests. Did this through Wings over Kauai.

Na Pali Coast via Air - Hawaii

The rain forest hike to the Kilauea caldera (Big island)

Glorious greenery all around and when I walked down it felt like there was A/C on for a good part of the way. Cool and gorgeous. And then you get the caldera floor to see the endless black lava rock leading up to the actual vents

Kilauea Caldera Tropical Forest Walk

Pu’uhonua historical park (Big island)

Waves thrashing the ocean, lovely Hawaiian historical displays, terrific view of the land looking back from the coast Pu'uhonua Park Hawaii.jpg

The Fifth experience was a zip line.

Couldn't see any lava as there was no flow anywhere on the big island during the visit.

My books aren't based in Hawaii—but seeing all this nature gives you ideas. Water and mountains feature in two of my books (The Atlantis Papyrus and the Wrath of God) whereas the third is… a lot of sand.

All in all, a fantastic visit! Of the two islands, I liked Kauai the most—the beauty of that island is amazing.