Writing a Novel on Ulysses

Follow my five-part blog series on Medium, on my usage of Ulysses for Mac. While I did start with OneNote, I have since moved on to Ulysses which is great for Novel writing.

PART I — Rationale — Why I went to Ulysses

PART II — Organization — How I’ve organized my work for Ulysses to be as productive as possible.

PART III — Customized Export — How I’ve organized and customized my stylesheets so I can publish eBooks and Paperbacks, each further customized for the specific book.

PART IV — Workflow and Automation — Little useful tricks that reduce the pain in managing our work. I will also share a few time-saving actions that aren’t built into Ulysses, but can be done in a Mac.

PART V — Wishlist — Features I’d like to see on Ulysses to supercharge this great software