Wrath of God: A Novel set in Pharaonic Times - Progress Update

I need to check - I wonder how many writers blog about the progress of their next work.

The Atlantis Papyrus has been out just over 2 months now, and during this time I’ve been hard at work writing The Wrath of God. This book is set about a thousand years prior to the Atlantis Papyrus, and set at the beginning of the Egyptian New Kingdom.

I’m about 70% through at this time and the book is inching towards its climax. I have a line of sight as to how this will end. I also have a picture in my mind on how the book cover should look like, and I’m going to get started on that in a bit. I’ve learned at ton about writing and covers during the development of my first work, and it’s helped me tremendously in the second. I’m avoiding many mistakes I made in the first and I also am better informed on how to approach various subjects related to writing and marketing.

The other nice thing about The Wrath of God is it can be read completely independent of The Atlantis Papyrus, though your enjoyment may be enhanced if you read the Atlantis Papyrus first.

I’m excited about bringing this to the world and I hope you enjoy it.